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a2Da Digital provides the safety net that SoHos, Nomads & SMBs need to protect their online presence, work and communicate, worry-free.

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Actual people, easy to contact and who know what they are doing, these are the members of the team you will deal with.

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Our Products and Services will help you make the most of your internet presence, making it safe and effective.

It Starts with a Name

You need a name to tell your story.
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Web Hosting

Simple hosting for your WebSite!
PLESK Panel and FREE Domain!


Your Data deserves
The BEST Protection

Network Security

Rely on our Team of Experts to
Protect your Network!

Web Design

Your WordPress Site designed
just for you to reflect your story!

Professional EMAIL

Powerful Email & Productivity Apps built for any-size business.


Secure & Private Access
to the internet.

SSL Certificates

Encrypt communication to
Protect Customers' Information.


"All-in-one" web suite to
Manage your Entire Business!


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Your Backup Team

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Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build solutions you need.

Actual people, easy to contact and who know what they are doing, these are the members of the team you will deal with. We all speak French and English, have an engineer level not matter the position and will be able to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. Just drop an email at [email protected] with your question.

We have both eyes on our equipment, update and maintain it ourselves 24/7 and have constructed an architecture that we believe is sound, secured, efficient and cost effective.


Tech in Chief




Web Design


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We're Here To help

Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

a2Da Digital

a2Da Digital is a brand of a2Da Enterprises

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10151 Tallinn, Estonia

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Secured BACKUP

Nothing is more important than having your data available at all times, wherever you are, whatever you do.

At a2Da Digital we provide real time backup of your data, and because your data belongs to you, you are the only one able to use it. No advertising, no reading your documents to propose targeted advertising! It’s your data and only yours!

And because it is important that your documents are really safe, they go through our award-winning anti virus systems so you don’t backup viruses as well!

We use SYNOLOGY world-renowned backup servers to guarantee the integrity of your data, and back up the backup as a fail-safe.

You use several terminals (desktop, laptop, telephone, tablet)? You can use our system as a centralized repository of your documents so everything is synchronized in real time and available to you no matter the terminal.