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E-mail aliases enable you to keep your e-mail address private. For example, if your main e-mail address is [email protected], you probably do not want to publish it on the internet and receive spam. Instead, you can create an alias (for example, [email protected]) and publish that address instead. When messages arrive for [email protected], you receive them in your [email protected] inbox.

Configuring an e-mail alias

To configure an e-mail alias, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Plesk.
  2. In the left sidebar, click Mail:

    Plesk - Mail icon

  3. On the Mail page, click the e-mail address for which you want to create an alias.
  4. Click the Email Aliases tab.
  5. In the Email alias text box, type the alias for the e-mail address.

    You can specify multiple aliases. To do this, click Add email alias, and then type the additional alias or aliases.
  6. Click OK. Plesk activates the alias (or aliases) for the e-mail account.

More Information

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